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You will be starting in the human capitol city, Porthaven. Porthaven is located along the Eastern coast of the Trevonian Empire, on the continent of Hesperia.
Porthaven is ruled by a king and queen. King Grael (Bard) is well liked by the people and is well suited for peacetime rule. Queen Thera (Fighter) is the commander of the Royal Army, the wartime ruler, and held in high regard by her subordinates.
Porthaven is home to the temple of Pelor and the temple Heironeous.
Porthaven houses several schools of the arcane, however Necromancy, though not illegal, is highly frowned upon and those discovered playing with dead things are considered icky and usually exiled.
Porthaven has enjoyed over a century of relative peace and prosperity. The soldiers have kept combat-ready with frequent skirmishes with aggressive humanoid locals, such as goblins, hobgoblins, and the occasional tribe of lizardmen.

Encounters with Elvish nomads are not rare but neither are they common. Aside of the rumor that the Elven city resides on an island, the location of said island is as of yet unknown to humankind.

Though Dwarves are known to exist, they have not been encountered in over a century.

Orcs are aggressive and nomadic, though clashes with humans and orcs are infrequent, they are always bloody. Occasionally there results in one or more offspring from these brutal encounters, these offspring are never accepted by either culture and are sent away at young ages.
It is rumored that the Half-Orcs have taken up residence in the nearby (2 week travel) swamp.


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So we've got some ocean and we got some swamps...this a mostly forested area around Porthaven? ehhhh *wink wink*


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Well like he said... it's not illegal you'll just be icky. :P