Tracking Software Question


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I have a question for all you upper business-like, techy people. One of the research cores I work with regularly is looking for software that can track program usage over multiple computers, mostly for the purpose of billing users for their time they use the instruments attached to the computers. The current program that they use (Work examiner is way too stalker-ish for their tastes (logs keystrokes, captures screens, etc). So, that lead us to talking about alternatives (they want something different ideally). It appears that they cannot turn many of these features off and it annoys the hell out of them.

Does anyone have a recommendation about a program that can:
1. record user logins and the times associated
2. record when program usage and the times associated (when it's launched/closed... for billing purposes)
3. needs to record information from multiple computers to a single one
4. Does not track keystrokes, record chat logs or websites, monitors social media, or anything super intrusive (she says who cares what they do when they're on an instrument)


and by the way... look at that site. .It is really, really creepy what the bosses can do in pure secrecy... be careful what you do on company computers.... ><


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I wish I could help, but whatever they use at my work is pretty much shrouded in secrecy. I know that a lot of it is home grown as well, so there wouldn't be anything to reference anyway.