Roll20: Web-based online virtual tabletop


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I know everyone has been busy, but PC gamer had a bit of tabletop story using the Roll20 program... I'm not sure if our Tabletop game is going anywhere, but I thought I'd continue to post things like this. If you're still looking for something to facilitate the gaming, check this out if you have not. If you do start the game up ever, let me know and I'll play. :)

PC Gamer story using it:


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I don't really play PnP games anymore but that is pretty awesome.


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I'm gaming on Tuesday nights now online, using D20Pro and Herolab with some friends back in CA. I'm learning how to use the tools so I can eventually run my own game. No idea when that'll be, but these tools so far, are pretty cool and I can't wait to run my own stuff with them.