RAT Development Winding Down


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The Past

As many of you know, I started RAT somewhere around very early 2016, that's over 5 years ago. At the time I had no idea or expectation of RAT becoming what it has today. Through many ups and downs, I’ve had a really great time writing it. RAT has had several major overhauls totaling 68 releases in those 5 years. In total, RAT has had almost 100,000 downloads from my website alone. I honestly hoped I'd get 50 total when I started!

When I started writing RAT, I thought 7D2D would be released in a year or two, RAT would be complete and people would have moved on to other games and server managers. Neither of those two things have happened yet, one of them I'm happy about. ;) Writing RAT was always about the reward of knowing that people like and use something that I've created, and I've been rewarded many times over. =)

The Present

RAT hasn't had any significant updates in some time. This is primarily due to two reasons. The first is simply, interest. I don't really play 7Days much anymore other than when a full alpha release comes out(18, 19, 20, etc.) and those are few and far between. The second is, I was doing a full rewrite of RAT. While it has progressed pretty well and far, it is amazing all of the things you find you've done over 5+ years while digging in the code and having to rewrite it. The process has been... dauting and coupled with my waning interest... not as fun as it used to be.

The Future

The above planned RAT 3.0, just isn't going to happen. As it is, RAT is thousands of lines of code and thousands of hours of time has been put into it over the years, trying to rewrite it is just more effort than I am able to put forth now.

I currently plan on supporting RAT through Gold release of 7Days. However, that support will be limited to attempting to make sure it works with the game and minor bug fixes. Please don't expect any new features to be added, and bug fixes will be limited to those that are small in nature, and severity.

As many of you know, RAT has a large dependency on the Bad Company Mod written by StompyNZ. He is no longer supporting it and has moved on to another 7days project. He was kind enough to give me the source code to BCM so that I could keep RAT running. However, if it becomes something that I am not able to compile against new releases of 7Days, that would mark the end of RAT, sooner than the expected timeframe (supporting the Gold release of 7Days).

The source code of RAT will not be made public. Primarily because its literally years of me plodding along without much of a plan, writing bad code and I'm not all that proud of the internals of RAT. I'm more than willing to help someone with advice and any insights I might have if you decide you'd like to create your own server manager though. Trust me, it's best to start from scratch and know your own code, not the beast I've created.

I've had a lot of support over the years, by many people. Be it through donations, help with support, ideas, bug hunting, and general marketing of RAT through word of mouth. I just want to be clear and upfront with everyone. You've all been great to me over the years and I feel you deserve to know what's going on.

I will still maintain the JFF website where RAT is hosted, so all of the downloads, forum posts, documentation, etc... won't be going anywhere. There will be probably be some changes such as making the Feature Request forum read only, etc.. but most people won't notice a difference.

The Discord server/channels aren't going anywhere either, many of you have become friends and I'd still like to hang out and chat, etc. =) I've also got other irons in the fire and when the time comes, if people are interested, I'll need some testing done again. The new project won't be for everyone, but if you're old like me and played TradeWars, etc... then maybe you'll find some interest in it. Hell, even if you don't know what it is, maybe you'll still like it! ;)

... and Finally

I'd like to thank the following people (in no particular order) who have helped support RAT in various ways throughout the years. If you don't see your name here, I apologize, its not intentional!



and to all of those that have chosen RAT to manage your servers, donated, submitted bug reports, feature requests, or just hung out and chatted about RAT and 7 Days, I sincerely thank you all!!