Problem copying file onto pendrive


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I have a Transcend 8GB pen drive which I use all the time to copy movies from one machine to another etc, but now I'm trying to copy over a 5gb file and it gets 58.5% through every time and then it's like the pen drive disconnects and reconnects and says "The device is not ready"

The pen drive is formatted as NTFS, the file isn't corrupt as I've used it, uhmm not sure what else to say other than this actually happened last weekend too with a similar sized file but I eventually got it working but can't think how! ><


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You'd need a 64bit OS to write files that large, no idea how that'd work on a USB stick.

Also, it could be that you have a device that is set to timeout after so long, like the USB devices in device manager. Something might be going to sleep, etc. No idea honestly, mostly just shooting in the dark.