Post your flux herbs here!


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For the unititated: flux herbs are 11 of the 66 available herbs. They will be a different set of 11 for each person (i.e. what might be a flux herb for one person will not be a flux herb for another). So post your discovered flux herbs here so we can collaborate and trade! (even if you don't have all 11 found, post what you have found)

Flux is needed in large quantities for steel and masonry production, basically we cant build houses or nice tools/weapons without it, so its important to track!

Aelender's 11:
1. Acerba Moretum
2. Aureus Magistrum
3. Curva Manus
4. Desertus Similax
5. Gratias Silvera
6. Kyasaga Sherl
7. Memen Anik
8. Mons Bastardus
9. Phlavar Pharest
10. Ripyote Quamisy
11. Jenaro Vannakam
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1. Albus Viduae
2. Aquila Peccatum
3. Errantia Ludaeo
4. Filia Prati
5. Fohatta Torn
6. Holmatu Stazo
7. Kurupa Andhere
8. Pecuarius Ventus
9. Pungentibus Chorea
10. Ripyote Quamisy
11. ??