Moving RAT to another server question


I am moving RAT from one server to another because my server was built on a new machine. I'd rather not import every event I had created. Is there a way to import all events or better yet, just move the database over?

Thank you in advance


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No, its very much possible. Sorry, a lot going on and my support hasn't been the greatest lately.

Make sure you close RAT.
Then go to %appdata%\nomadsoft in Windows Explorer. Then copy the 7d2d_rat.db file. That's the entire DB for RAT.

On the new system, install RAT normally. Then just drop the .db file back in the same location on the new system, and start up RAT. You should be good to go.


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This is how I do backups of my RATS DB. Windows VSS of the drive. However if you copy the data base be sure to uncheck the auto connect option before closing RATS and copying the DB. If you do not, once you open on the new server it will auto connect right away when you open it up. In case you needed to make changes before connecting.

This is very nice that this works. especially if you have a bunch of custom events, grabbags, etc.