Life is Feudal: Your Own & MMO for $8.88


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So what happened with this game?
Almost been 2 years since a few of you were playing it looks like.
It looks like an interesting game.

The reason I bring it up, I've just noticed you can get it on Humble Bundle for another 4 or so hours for $8.88 (Along with some other bits)

Looks like you get access to the "You Own" part of the game and the MMO part.

Included in your purchase, all Life is Feudal:YO owners will receive one character to gain full access to early mmo testing in Q2 2016, and the full massively multiplayer game - Life is Feudal:MMO once released.
E3 2016 Digital Ticket (pay what you want and help charity)

For that price I'm going to grab it and hopefully try it out :]

LiF Your Own vs MMO
Life is Feudal: Your Own is an alternative to the new and revolutionary Life is Feudal Sandbox MMORPG. LiF:YO is a pocket world, which gives you complete freedom in creating your own server and your own rules. LiF:YO offers you essential tools to configure your server any way you like and to play with your friends. You are free to modify the game’s assets to create your own unique play-style - you are only limited by the size of the map and the maximum amount of players.

There are also features that you exclusively have access to in the Life is Feudal MMO official servers, such as guild systems and sieges! You can enjoy LiF:YO’s features and stick with your friends on your own private server or join in with other players around the world and experience what else LiF:YO has to offer!


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The game was really good, but development was really slow and I basically forgot about it for the most part. No idea how it is doing now.