Hell hath descended and its name be...


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Hell hath descended and its name be COURSEWORK

That's basically my life at the moment.
So for those that don't know i am in my final year at university (final 5 months to be precise) and gaming is inevitably going to take a little bit of a back seat.

I will try to get on but priorities suck and i would rather not be £25,000 (uni fees) in debt and have nothing to show for it lol

Will try to see you online as much as possible but i should re-surface around may - June time
(I will still pay my taxes for you Ice and will sell my land if i am not playing before my patron runs out)

Have fun everyone =]


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As always Gonk, good luck and we'll see ya then!! School is way more important than video games (just a lot less fun for most of us. hehe) =)


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Good luck, my friend...

and as for your land, it's no big thing... your taxes ran out a few days ago. It's ok, though, I'm set. Thank you for letting me use them while you were away. I really appreciate it!

Again, good luck withthe coursework... when you're done, we'll all do a dance for you!


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Been there, Gonk. Good luck! It'll all be worth it when it's said and done!


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It has somewhat. I still have two giant pieces of work but i treat them more like a job, i work for around 8 hours a day and although i still have lectures i am keeping on top of everything at this point. i will probably disappear when needed but for now, i'm ok :)


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Is anyone able to give us a hand? Pretty please?

I need some figures on how much certain stuff costs and google-sensei has let me down :(

If anyone knows of any websites or places i could go to get them just give a quick reply if possible. I am looking for figures on how much a marketing/PR company costs.