Discord Etiquette -- All Members Must Follow These Guidelines!

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Please note, that all of the below "rules" are mostly guidelines to keep everyone communicating and happy. If you're asked to go to a private channel, don't get upset about it. Just do it. It's not personal. Please also do not wait to be asked to join another channel if you think you might be annoying others in the channel.

Feel free to chat - We're here to hang out and have a good time and that includes being respectful of everyone.

Watch your language - Don't assume everyone is cool with cursing. While it's allowed, use it in moderation. Otherwise you just sound like a jackass and no one is going to listen to you anyway. People have speakers on and children in the background at times. Be respectful.

Push-To-Talk - Push to talk is a requirement. If you have a reason that you need to use voice activation (such as a disability), please contact Trekkan and we'll see what we can do. We don't want to hear every sneeze, fart, spouse yelling at you or your children, fans blowing, you chewing on food, etc.

Use the private chats (calls)- If you're grouped with someone and you're having a conversation about what's going on constantly, please join/create a private call.

Don't mic spam - This means, every thought that comes out of your head, doesn't need to be shared with everyone. This also includes play by play of what's going on in your game/group. This is what private channels are for, so please use them.

Don't be an Eeyore - This means, don't be a constant downer. Crap happens in peoples lives and we get that and understand. But please don't come into the channel just to vent about everything, always complaining, hating on the game we're all playing and enjoying, etc.

Don't dominate the conversation - Everyone likes to help, but being the first to jump in every time someone has a question, doesn't allow others to be part of the conversation. Be considerate.
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Also, not a rule, but a request. If your character name is different from your TS/Forum name, could you put it in parentheses next to your name in TS? For example Silifaira(Silicakes).

This is especially important for people doing invites.
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