Diablo III


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Just broke down and purchased D3 :) I didn't plan on it, played the beta, liked it, had some fun, but.... I wanted to put the time into GW2. Then I figured, hell, GW2 won't be released for many months, WTH!!!! Why not? :p

Cancelled SWTOR, AoEO is ok, but it won't keep me yearning to go back to it. I still play LoTRO, and will probably always keep going back to that (part time). So with nothing in the very near future to keep my attention - Hello D3!!! :cool:


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I plan on getting D3 as well, been in the beta for some time now and enjoy it. It's pretty much more of the same as D2 with some slight changes, but overall, I enjoyed D2 and it's been years. So even if its basically the same game (which it seems it is to me), I'll enjoy it.


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Every one I have talked to said the same thing Trekk did. It's D2 with some spiffing up. I might buy it when it drops a LOT in price but initially I don't see the need.