Bulldozer Bug


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Ok I ran into a bug and looked it up and sure enough it happens a lot. I bulldozed my medical clinic to move it to another place. When it opened I had no ambulances around. Well I found out that if you bulldoze a city service and the vehicles are out on the road, they will disappear. This happens to any emergency vehicle as well as garbage trucks, buses, trams and trade trucks. Basically all of them. If you have had this happen to you, Do not allow other cities to send their vehicles because they too may vanish. So basically the whole region becomes bugged and missing service vehicles will happen all over. The only way thing to do is to not play that region and wait for a patch. There are work arounds that are a pain ass. But the surrounding cities that are sending theirs in may still disappear. As well as anything new you build.

To avoid this. Make sure you turn your service off and wait for the vehicle to return. This also happens if you bulldoze a road which the vehicle is on also. So pause your game and make sure there are none present. Hope this helps some.