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  1. Hannath


    A Utahn, huh? Welcome!
  2. Hannath

    Hello from PA!

    Welcome! I spent many years in PA, and my family still lives there.
  3. Hannath


    I'm MDT (-6), then MST (-7)
  4. Hannath


    I have been lurking about the forums, TS, and in-game for a few days, and I figure I might finally introduce myself. :) I joined the community after having found an advert for the Archeage Disorderlies on the official forums. I like whom I've met so far out of this community, and I am hoping to...
  5. Hannath

    WOW,I am the first one to talk about swtor

    I play SWTOR as well. In fact, I run a fair sized community for a particular server for SWTOR. But I'm quite new here, so I'm not sure my presence necessarily means anything!