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    I never read the books, but my kids did. They are excited to see this movie, and it looks pretty interesting. Official Trailer:
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    *Spoiler* Possible Endings

    So there are apparently 36 different end sequences. This page has a breakdown on the Major ones and many of the choices that need to be made to get it. I'm playing and making my choices the way I would, but there are some choices that I could go either way so it was nice to see what...
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    So, I saw that Alicia posted in the shoutbox that she was playing Gwent. I have also been getting as many cards as I can. I found this site to be the most helpful as far as trying to find cards :
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    40% off Batman-Arkham Knights

    Green Man Gaming has a 40% limited time : Use Code at checkout - BATMAN-ARKHAM-SAVE40
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    W3 video quality levels

    Here is a video comparing PC Low quality to Ultra: It doesn't look like there is a HUGE difference between High and Ultra. Low looks looks good in it's own right, imo, although not near as good as High/Ultra of course. You can see big differences...
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    Patch 6.1

    Patch notes here: Of note (amongst other things...): "Removed the requirement to have a character that's level 55 or higher to unlock the Death Knight as a playable class."
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    I hate you all!!! Truly I do!!!

    I said that I would never go back to this game..... And then you made me go back on my word :D and I'm having too much fun to stop. So I have re-subbed....
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    sub forum

    looks like this sub forum is under Everquest Next & Landmark?
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    Alpha 4.1 fix is out Turkeys!

    Bug fix...
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    Marvel Heroes Beta weekend

    Received an email from IGN:
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    Another Kickstarter project by ex Gas Powered Games members. Another sandbox type tower builder zombie killer :D Video
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    Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

    Here is another Kickstarter campaign, but this one is not a game, but a poster. Every Acme Co. item that Wile E. Coyote used on the Road Runner is drawn on a poster. Silly little item, that I just had to have :D The old timers will appreciate it a lot more than you young bucks :p...
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    Parcel Size quadrupled

    The size of a parcel is going to be 40m X 40m instead of 20m X 20m. So everyone that owns land just got 4 times the land they had before. My 4 plots of land just went from 1600 sq meters to 6400 sq meters. I was thinking of spending another $100 to get a 9 parcel plot which would have been 60m...
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    UI pics

    In one of the KS updates Jason posted some UI pics: those were the size of the pics, would have liked to see them full size :D
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    Tracking the Kickstarter project

    Kicktraq is a pretty cool site to see what the pledges have been, and what it is "projected" to be. They have different charts - # pledges, amount of pledge etc...
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    Parcel Size

    Just an FYI, each parcel is 20 meters X 20 meters or 66ft X 66ft. So the 4 parcel lot will be 131ft X 131ft, just a little more than 17,000 sq ft. One of the Devs clarifying a remark that it was 60m X 60m. Here is an example pic of the lot sizes:
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    Greed Monger OR Utopian Settlers

    They are thinking of possibly changing the name, based on forum feedback apparantly. Read about it in the Kickstarter comment section here: (Update #19 ) And on their forum, here: (it's a...
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    Path Of Exile

    A Diablo'ish style game. Public Beta "stress test" this weekend (July 27-29) Public Stress Test Weekend #3 is this Weekend! This weekend (July 27-29) the Path of Exile Beta servers will be available for public access! We've put up a page with answers to common...
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    Diablo III

    Just broke down and purchased D3 :) I didn't plan on it, played the beta, liked it, had some fun, but.... I wanted to put the time into GW2. Then I figured, hell, GW2 won't be released for many months, WTH!!!! Why not? :p Cancelled SWTOR, AoEO is ok, but it won't keep me yearning to go back...