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Great too, I like it. Had some issues with my server just using the palserver exe. After integrating with your tool (probably also because the config got reset) everyhing was working again. Thank you!

-Instead of selecting x hours to restart the server let us choose which time of the day (example 05:30) otherwise I have to wait until then and set it to 24 hours :)
- Integrated backup deployment.
Scheduled times is on the list of future items, simply because the timed backups exist now, so working on stuff that doesn't exist yet. Again though, its on the list. =)

Can you describe what you mean by integrated backup? Backups are already in PALA, so I'm not sure what you would mean. =)
I try to install it and it gives me an error that says I have to finish the installation before
I'm going to need more information. Can you screenshot the error please?