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    New Ant Bully Champion!

    Standing has stood for over six years?!?!!
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    New Web host, updated website

    Looks really good man
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    Windows 10?

    Took a little while to get used to it (couple weeks), but just using the window button to go between the desktop and apps, works great. I did take a few minutes to ensure that the most commonly used apps were favorited. Control panel, etc. It really isn't any different functionally than the...
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    Interface AddOns

    Auctioneer I like using this add on when trying to make some money, or purchase from the AH.
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    Crafting Professions

    Wandeern: Engineering(To be dropped), Disenchanting Afupi: Skinning, Disenchanting, and cooking.
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    WoW List Your Characters and Classes

    Wandeern: Rogue Ozuss: Paladin
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    Friday Night Dungeons!

    I will be there for certain.
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    What is your battlenet name?

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    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Dreanor

    Downloading now. Hopefully not too far behind to group up with you all.
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    Vin here saying hello (Vhinessa in Alpha)

    Welcome to JFF Todd and SheBoom.
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    EDT,EST here.
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    I replied to a spammer, let's see how far I can take this...

    Made my Morning. Thanks Trek!
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    Alpha 7 Info

    Gotya. Perhaps I will hold off on investing much time into it than.
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    Alpha 7 Info

    I havent played since digging too many tunnels was crashing the server. is that fixed? Might check this out again, if so.
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    The Repopulation

    I like the concepts they have, and waiting impatiently to give it a go.