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    [Accepted] REQUEST: Ability to post Player Names on Webpage?

    Only issue with that is steam is really wonky I know sometimes it says someone is in a game but then it's not etc. But better than nothing I guess haha! What I do is use these guys: ARK: Survival Evolved Server List | Search Arkse Stats, Rankings, and Banners - Game Tracker Then edit the look...
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    [User Retest] doesnt auto update

    Not sure if they are inconsistent so might want to add Caps versions also encase? "UPDATE" etc I noticed that aswell
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    [User Retest] doesnt auto update

    I agree. Moved to bug thread. Tested both checked and unchecked in update now 'Option'.
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    [Accepted] Add Restart Daily etc

    Would be nice to have the server to restart at a certain time to re-flush everything. I.E 3am restarts for a fresh server..
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    [Accepted] E-mail Notify Settings

    Options to have Emails if the following happens. Auto-backup Auto-Update Auto-Shutdown Shutdown/Restart ADD SMTP Email Settings with test email setup.
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    [Accepted] Auto update

    I'd say Reword the Tool Tip for the Update Immediately.
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    [Not a Bug] Giant Labels for Non Human NPCs

    Yeah I really thought it was that due to how the NPC's Look. Can you start the server without CAT? also how are you starting this server etc? It's for sure a debug thing let us know after this new patch they changed some thing with Name plates did that fix your issue? let us know thanks again.
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    [User Retest] MOTD Not Saving

    Motd Not saving V024. If you save within the game shows in CAT though. motd= needs to be changed to: ServerMessageOfTheDay=
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    V0024 Roll out.

    Quite is a good thing I take it? If you guys notice no Bugs post some Ideas in the "Feature Requests" don't be afraid to sign up also we don't bite.
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    [Not a Bug] Giant Labels for Non Human NPCs

    Look through your INI files and see what changed and look for the below line. dw.AllowAILODOverlay=0 You might have it set to 1 Disable transmit of AI LOD levels from server to client for LOD level debugging; takes too much time in ServerReplicateActors with thousands of AI. IN other words...
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    [Not a Bug] Giant Labels for Non Human NPCs

    1. AM not sure I follow what you mean. 2. This could be a server/networking issue not the tool. I have a up-time of 86 hours now so we can rule that out. Can we get a little more information about #1 please? Is that in game such as NPC name Tags?
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    V0024 Roll out.

    Please if anyone finds a bug or wish to add something. Please do we are looking for more ideas and trying to fix all bugs, if you do please post in our bug section or our Request section. Thank you all!
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    [Accepted] Auto update

    Sounds about right. :) A faster way of updating or such when users are offline. Once we get RCON we could maybe add an announcement. If no RCON maybe get this to work witch Discord. Many ideas would be nice to have others chime and think think how they would like to have their server updated.
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    [User Retest] Saving Issue

    Seems Fixed now in 23*