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    Hey guys..

    Hiya Sihkster, how's it going. It has been a while. Come hang out in discord. We could try another go at valheim or something.
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    He did it...thanks @Deuce
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    My First (and probably last), experience with

    I'm poor....but, I'm so poor.
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    BF1 Night!

    Silifaira created a new event: BF1 Night! Read more about this event...
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    Thank you.

    Trekkan is the bestest.
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    My house is bugged :(

    Oh no!! Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Is there anything that can be done from the admin side?
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    Whats everyones Origin Name

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    MMO Night

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    MMO Night

    I'd be happy to change to a new one if we could get more people involved. I really don't care what I play.
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    MMO Night

    Can't make it tonight. Going to a dinner show with my kiddo.
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    BF4 Friday Night

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    LOTRO Noob Night

    I forgot about the hobbit starting area...I guess there are three!
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    LOTRO Noob Night is pretty obvious when it is done. The quests quit saying "Intro" in front of them and there is an event.