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    Outdoor Security Cameras

    They have a 15% coupon code that works for that "EMAIL15". Brings the price to below Amazon's and you get it right from the manufacturer.
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    The new website is here!

    Geez, I take a quick weeklong trip to Florida and so much has changed!!! The site looks GREAT! Nice job Trek - and I 3rd (or 4th or 5th) the loving the new chat scroll stating put Where's my 17,634,693,024,842 points from the old site? I was trying to figure out what to purchase with all of...
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    Black Desert

    So, I've watched a lot of videos on this game and holy cow is it deep. A lot to learn to get everything out of this one. The character creation is probably the most in depth I have seen on any game. You control EVERY aspect of your characters looks. While it is Open World PvP, it may not be...
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    Black Desert

    Just an FYI this particular forum is a public forum, not gated behind registering here, so everyone can see it. Not that it's that big of a deal, but this key may show up in a Google Search for it.
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    Black Desert

    I have a key as well if someone needs one.
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    WURM Unlimited

    I was going to buy it anyway, I know I can get my money out of it. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    WURM Unlimited

    For $24 how do I say No? :) Just bought it.
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    WURM Unlimited

    You can get it for $24.00 from Green Man Gaming with 20% code - NWYEAR-20PERC-WTHGMG
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    The Repopulation

    Looks like their game engine company is having financial problems:,7 FAQ on...
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    Xyson now F2P (No subscription)!

    Now that is dedication!!! lol...
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    Alpha 13 Preview

    Patch notes are up: tl;dr - yea there is no tl;dr that I can come up with holy shit it's long... Tried to do a copy/paste but the formatting is all screwed up There is one bullet to post here though: Added: Shit to the new...
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    Free Password Manager Software (3 days left!)

    Same here, except I use Roboform (for many years) and it does it's job for me and I am too lazy to switch to something else :) But I did download it and create an account just in case. Thanks!
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    New game: ECO

    I pledged the $35 level, alpha as well.
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    Sword Coast Legends

    If anyone else is interested in buying this - Green Man Gaming has it at 23% off until 9/14 : 23% OFF Voucher - "SAVE23-WITHGM-GSEP15" Comes to $46.20 after discount (Digital Deluxe).
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    Pathfinder Online

    I had to laugh at this line. Let me get this straight, you laid off all but 3 employees, you closed the Goblinworks office and moved the 3 employees into a cubicle in Paizo AND you want the players to pay monthly subscriptions and talk their friends into doing it also???? Sounds great to...