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    Back from the dead!!!

    Back from the dead!!!
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    I replied to a spammer, let's see how far I can take this...

    VAT "Value Added Tax" similar to sales tax. It's an EU thing. :) Let me know when your in good Trek so you can broker a volume deal for the rest of us. :p
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    ESO Faction?

    Ok I rolled a Aldarie Dominion character "Hansbrick Darkhand" :)
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    ESO Faction?

    I'll roll an alt this weekend :)
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    ESO Faction?

    I've rolled Hansbrick as my main in Daggerfall.
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    Ok, this is just creepy

    Now if one moved I would crap myself. But it could be worse for you Trek if they were clowns!!!!!!!!!!
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    What would JFF do?

    A for sure never know when that might be your last cooked meal :)
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    JFF in EQ Next, your thoughts?

    Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Learned allot in the early days of DHV of what to do and what not to do. Hell I think some of the most fun we had back then was the start of everything.
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    Howdy All long time no see

    Dropping my coin tonight on on 7 days to Die :)
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    Howdy All long time no see

    I'm looking forward to get into 7 days to die. I will pickup an alpha account this weekend. Borderlands 2 turned into to some good therapy.
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    Howdy All long time no see

    I figured I would swing in and say howdy to everyone.It was sad seeing that DHV is gone so I figured I needed to get my butt in gear back over here. I am still recovering from being ill last year but about 90% back to normal. I look forward into catching up with everyone. Even Wretched. :P
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    Hansbrick status

    I am well on the mend. I even got in some Planetside beta play today. My doc cleared me to go back to work part time next week and full time next month. So I hope to be gaming regular sooner then I thought.
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    Hansbrick status

    Hey I figured I would drop a note and let you know why I've not been gaming or much else online. Well about 6 weeks ago I was unfortunate and I had a stroke. The good news is I did not die:). But my vision was affected to the point that I could not see monitors all that well. I'm to the point...
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    New Castle Defender Champion!

    Hansbrick just surpassed Darkwolf as the Castle Defender champion with a high score of 411. If you think you can do better, you can play here: Good luck!
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    Agartha Portals

    Will come in handy. We will need to get a group together soon playing. I rolled Templar for my first guy and should have him up to my 2nd rank before the weekend.