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    Ashes of Creation

    I actually know the guy, Steve, from Lineage II. He's the creative director on this. Anyway, they launched their Kickstarter today. View: Kickstarter launch video: View...
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    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    So this happened: Nostalrius has decided handing its WoW emu code to Elysium wasn't such a good idea after all And then this happened: Our official response to Nostalrius — Elysium will prevail! In the end, it looks like it will continue pretty much as is.
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    Most Wanted MMO's of 2017

    2016 was a rough year. The long-standing MMOs we’ve come to love carried along quite well, but for new titles the selection was pretty limited. And so, as we’re fond to do at year’s end, we look forward to 2017 and the titles we expect to launch (even if in early access, which we pretty much...
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    Free Steam Games!

    Torchlight, if it's still available. Thanks Trek!
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    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    I can't believe they are still limiting PvE so much....
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    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    Characters Superguy - Troll Mage (PvE)
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    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    Yeah I think this is accurate. The majority was on the PvP server, and the new majority is waiting for the fresh PvP server, so we should have a lot of space to operate.
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    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    It looks like I may have miscalculated originally. Based on their website timer, it looks like launch is at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, rather than noon. 80,000 accounts and counting...
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    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    The old Nostalrius vanilla server has moved to a new team and is being relaunched as Elysium. Their website is here: Elysium Project — Vanilla 1.12.1 Legacy Server. Click on "Play Now" on the left to create your account and download the client and you're in. The server launch is scheduled for...
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    Twitch Prime now included in Amazon Prime

    Thanks for this Slip! I had never even bothered to start up a Twitch account, until now. Definitely doing it if there is free stuff involved.
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    Ashes of Creation

    Sweet Trek! And yes keep passing the referrals on, as you use the last one posted, post your own for the next person.
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    Ashes of Creation

    New MMO in the works, probably 2-3 years out, but looked like one to keep an eye on. Being developed by former SOE and Daybreak folks. They plan to do a Kickstarter eventually. Massively OP has had a few articles on it so far: New MMORPG Ashes of Creation demos environments in new video My...
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    The Exiled Beta Keys (900 left!)

    A bunch more over here if you missed out at Massively: The Exiled - Alpha Test Key Giveaway! -
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    Shards Online

    Shards Online is having an Alpha Preview weekend starting this Friday at 4 p.m. (not sure which time zone) and running through Monday. The pre-alpha servers have been wiped in preparation for Alpha release so this will be a fresh server start for everyone. Signup here if you would like to join...
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    Wizzy411 - Just joined and looking around

    Welcome aboard Wizzy! Always good to have more of us "elders". We're all about being casual and having fun, so you found the right place.