You know you've played too much _________ when...


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(Post only things that have happened to you please).

*EDIT* Updated this thread to be non-game specific

Game: Battlefield 4
What happened: Walking into work today, I heard a small chirping sound. I thought it was a sniper sensor ball and my first thought was "I'm totally exposed in this parking lot!". Stupid birds.
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Updated this to be non-game specific, please most your own moments of when a game and reality met. =)


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See now you're making my memory work...

The latest I can recall was during the many hours spent in ArcheAge and probably not unlike many here have experienced.

Between here and the store I frequent for gaming lies a short stretch of sparsely populated hills and woods. Upon passing a certain area I couldn't help but think that it would be a good location to build a house and log some trees. As it turns out, there was a house not far from that location and I, somewhat frustratingly, realized that someone got there before me!


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When you hit "push to talk" while speaking to someone in the room.
I have done that a lot!

Pretty much any game I marathon for a while affects my dreams, even as I am dozing off to sleep. I also tend to be very alert, aware, and notice everything, like good paths from point A to B without making a sound, or a good place to dump a body, after I play stealth games for a long time. I haven't gotten so bad that I crouch all around my house, yet.