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Vanguard soh will be free to play this month. One of the best games I have ever played. I just hope they will have another pvp server.


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Yeah it was ridiculous, wasn't F2P at all. They have since changed a number of things that should make it better.

Zatozia made a post with the changes here.

For COIN allowance, we bumped the coin limit from 1 plat to 3 plat for FREE players.
For ITEMS, we included "Uncommon and higher" for FREE players. Some items will still be limited but it will be on a case by case basis.
For In-game Mailing, we give FREE players full access, but at higher mailing rates.
For CHAT, we give FREE players full access.
For the BROKER system, we give FREE players full access, but at higher broker fees for placing items up for sale.
I have a level 25ish bard. May pop in now and then once it goes free.


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I've seen such restrictive limits on f2p before... they hope they can get people to buy each option separately or spring for a sub. I'd call it a trial if it were level-capped below max and had most of those features off instead of limited.


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Thanks for posting the update, Krom. Apparently they made some changes six days after their first announcement.

I still don't understand why they would charge $15 for a sub, for an older title with such outdated graphics and poor animation. They should drop it to $7/mo. I think usually newer F2P games have the $15/mo premium option, not older games.
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