TV Fall Lineup!

Lord Marshal

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S.H.I.E.L.D. - Can't Wait!!!!
Hostages - Looks interesting but the premise leaves me to think that they are going to run out of story and start making me annoyed with the weekly WTF cliff hangers like the Following
Revolution Yay its back
Person of Interest is also a favorite
The Millers looks really funny
Crazy Ones - really looking forward to Robin Williams....really classic actor
Elementary - HIghly recommend if you haven't watched get caught up
Irondside - I give it 3 episodes.....come on man how do you remake anything with Raymond Burr in it???? Stupid NBC looking for the basement again
Sean Saves The World? - Hey my name is Sean and I would never save the world Oh wait NBC again :)
Gravity - I am dieing for the free torrent of this major motion picture bomb about two astronauts floating in space all alone, no one around, no way to save them. Oxygen runs out, movie over. Blech
The Hobbit, Thor, & Anchorman - YES YES YES
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