[Rejected] Sound Events


New Member
Is there a way to insert a custom sound file into an event? I don't know if the game itself supports that, or if RAT would be able to pull it off.

I would like to record a message or three that would play for certain commands, like spawning a horde, welcoming a new player, etc.


JFF Administrator
Staff member
If you mean, can I make it so that RAT itself plays a sound, yes. But if you mean can I play a sound that the players will hear? No, you can't do that unfortunately.

Please let me know if you just want RAT (aka you) to be able to hear a sound, or if you wanted the players to hear a sound.


New Member
Yeah, I was kind of hoping to have it play for the players, but I understand there are limitations. I should probably throw this one at the game developers.