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So I saw that Wretched posted a link to sign up for beta for this. You need three people to use your referral code to get into beta. Please use mine if you decide to sign up. =)

Outside of that, the main game is here:

It's a crafting MMO, but has other craziness about it. Anyway, it's supposed to be free when it's released, but... click the above link and sign up so I can see if I like it. I love building crap. =)


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yep, i just used 3 email accounts but i do have a 4nd account so if any one needs 1 more person to sign up with their link i'll use it.


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Maybe we should have a count of some sort so we all have a chance to get in. I know I used treks key once.


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They just released a bunch of beta keys to people. You should be able to get in now. Check your email.