[Completed] RAT Database gets corrupted


JFF Administrator
Staff member
All. To stop the DB corruption. In RAT, select File -> Settings. Click the Console/Chat tab, make sure both "Log console text to the database" and "Log player chat to the database" are UNCHECKED. Click Save Settings at the top of the window. I'm still trying to figure out the actual cause of the problem internally, but this is consistently the issue that I can replicate.

Even if you aren't having the issue now, please follow the above to help assure you DON'T have it in the future. I'm still working on a solution, but as of now, this has made it so this problem doesn't appear in all of my tests.

It may end up I stop logging to the database in general as it's not really necessary (and improve the logging in other ways). But regardless, this seems to be the issue.