Outlaws Server Manager (OSM)

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Trekkan submitted a new resource:

Outlaws Server Manager (OSM) - Outlaws of the Old West Server Manager

Outlaws Server Manager

Current Features:
  • Start / Stop Server
  • Install Outlaws Server
  • Update Outlaws server
  • Player viewer
I'd like to add more, but currently this is almost all there is that is exposed. Hopefully future releases of the game provide remote admin capabilities. If so, I'll be updating as new features are...
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I like your pay, it's great, and it's free.

But I am not very likely to use it. My English is very poor in English.

Trying to keep trying it, I hope there is a related guide for reference.

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Pretty much, I haven't been playing the game at all, therefore haven't really updated the manager. I can't say I won't ever update it again, but I can say, don't wait for me. If there are other managers out there by now (I assume there are, I have no idea), then you'd be better off going for one of those that is being actively updated.


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You are the only hope at a manager for this game TEREKKAN ! Can you please help me?