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For some reason, there is no text about restarts as it was before, on the forum I also did not find an example of how to do it.

And so in general, everything is fine. but I would also like the opportunity to edit these functions, for example, I give them color so that the players select the message


I am saving to another folder and cannot specify the path to that folder

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Hey, thanks for the bug reports.

The first one is a known issue, its on my todo list of things to fix.

The second one, isn't a bug. You need to select the event you want to edit and click the "Duplicate" button on the toolbar. This is so that I can update the RAT default events as I need to, but not overwrite any changes you make to them.

The final one... make sense, I didn't release you couldn't go back up the tree, I'll get that fixed, thanks!