New JFF Member Introduction for Doctros


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What is your real first name? Eddy

What are your top 5 favorite games/game styles to play? Conan Exiles, 7Days To Die, Black Squad, Homefront, Tower Unite, Killing Floor 2, Serious Sam 3 BFE, Left 4 Dead 2, Scum, Fear The Night...

Why would you like to join JFF? I have always used your 7D2D Rat for a server I run. I appreciate your dedication to gaming and modding. You have always been helpful and you treat everyone with patience and respect. Also because you have created a great community!

What other (if any) guilds/clans/gaming communities have you been in prior or currently? I am the creator and founder of -={U.S.P}=- United Skilled Players.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. Since 2011 we are a group of good people that enjoy gaming, making new friends and having fun. When you get a chance please visit our website and Steam Group!

Thanks and keep up the great work!


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Hey there and welcome to JFF! Good to have ya with us! =) Sounds like you play a lot of the games I know other JFF members play as well, so even better. =)