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My Frontier Internet Experience

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Trekkan, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    So, I just got new internet service, saw my bill was stupid high and called them to get it corrected, here is what happened. It's not overly interesting, but all said and done, things were corrected. Anyway, I like to post this stuff for future reference. =)

    Calledthe number listed on the website for Customer Service, 800-921-8101

    Talkedto someone from India that was very helpful if I was an idiot and unable toread or do basic math. All that person'sjob is, is to explain each item on the bill. Not correct it, just to tell me how they are right, and I am wrong Completely worthless to me.

    Thisperson says they need to transfer me to someone else, who can apparently pressbuttons.

    Theygave me this number in case of future needs: 877-600-1511

    Theytransferred me to "Jasmine" who is in tech support, not CS, couldn'thelp me. Transferring me back to someoneelse, said she would tell them what's up before connecting me in.

    19:45into this call at this point

    22:00into the call, someone new answers, name is Nick

    Myconnection to him is terrible, sounds like he's under water… it's not on myside, the other people were fine. Sad,this is a communications company, it's in their name… Also, some of the most terrible quality holdmusic ever, not the music (Sure, it is bad, it always is), but the quality…

    Anyway,Nick says right off that it looks like I'm missing the promos on theaccount. He's looking into that, willcome back on the line when he's done.

    5minutes into the call

    Hecame back, said that the promos for movie packages, and pretty much everything,were not included.

    Hadhim call me back though, the connection was so bad I could hardly understandhim at all.

    Hecalled right back, connection was clear.

    Oddlyenough, the number he called back from… was the first number I called where thewoman could only explain my bill and read from her scripts…

    Imentioned all of the issues I had:

    Chargedfor Movie Channels
    Chargedan install fee (I was told I wouldn't be)
    Charged9.99 for Shipping (nothing was ever shipped to me)
    100.00gift card wasn’t listed on the account

    Afterall is done, he said it should be 115.00 a month after taxes were applied. I was initially told the 107.97, which hesays they wouldn't of quoted me the taxes in the price. Not what I thought I was getting, but, I'm okwith things overall.

    9:30into the call, he's still making changes to the account

    11:20into call he's back, has a few more things to fix for all of the proratedcharges, since my billing cycle starts on the first, and I had 3 days ofservice prior to that billing cycle.

    24:00in, he's done

    Inoticed the credit for 9.99 wasn't there, he added that. Said that it's usually considered an"installation fee" as well, even though nothing is actually shippedmost of the time. Talk about ripping offcustomers!

    100.00Visa card is being sent, two weeks. Iget a letter, code and URL, go there, fill that out, then 2 more weeks I getthe card.

    Endedcall, 34 minutes later.

    Totalcall time = 61 minutes

    So,all in all, Nick was helpful, knew what he was doing and didn't argue with me,etc. He just fixed the problem. I could not of asked for someone to deal withthis issue any better.
  2. Alicia

    Alicia Well-Known Member JFF Member JFF Supporter

    Coming from someone in customer service, I'm sorry for the extended hold time, but I'm glad it was worth it in the end and you didn't have to fight, argue, or ask for a supervisor lol *highfive*
  3. panzerghost

    panzerghost Member JFF Member JFF Supporter

    Honestly Trek as horrible as that reads, it seems pretty standard for a cable company customer support call. This is the reason companies like Comcast was voted worst company in America while companies like Monsanto and BP were literally killing and poisoning people.
  4. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    Ohh I wasn't posting it as a crazy terrible experience, I was posting it as I got what they promised from me, even if it took an hour. I've had 3+ hour support calls before, etc. Mostly I was posting it because it showed I was able to get the things they told me they would do, and considering it's an ISP... relatively easily. =)
  5. SlipWraith

    SlipWraith Member JFF Member

    Don't ever talk to the level 1 CS rep. Most companies have a "playbook" or script they read off when you call. I'll give them my info, verify account, and politely ask to speak to their lead or supervisor. Normally that's enough to get the job done but sometimes you have to play the game. With the first person be personable and friendly. Ask them how they like working for xyz company. Do you work from home? Do you work for a call center? Do you sit in a cubicle, do you have to share with someone else? I bet your supervisor has an office don't they? Get them on your side then let them know you understand they can do very little for you and ask them who you can speak with that will be able to authorize the changes you need made.

    A little social engineering goes a LONG way. They are people after all just punching a clock and trying to get through the day ;)
  6. Wretched

    Wretched Member JFF Member

    All them missing spaces. You must have typed it up in ms word and just copied it over....
  7. Trekkan

    Trekkan JFF Administrator Staff Member

    haha, yeah, One Note. I didn't feel like editing my rant. ;)
  8. Deuce

    Deuce Member JFF Member

    A lot of extra charges up front that shouldn't have been charged and that they wouldn't have fixed if you hadn't called. Yep sounds like a cable company. Glad to hear they fixed it for you.

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