grab bag


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to spawn a bag you have them use the command.
the whole point is for you to make bags then let ur players do it themselves.
Are you trying to say it doesnt work or something when the player enters the command?
an its totally up to you if you want to spawn items for your players or not.
if you havent already i suggest you take a look at the options in rat in the event editor and such
can learn a lot :)
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what i was wanting to do is setup a 1 time bag with some items for someone who donates to the server instead of spawning each it. i guess i could make a quest item that rewards those items and just spawn in the quest note to them...


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Grab bag is specifically for random items really. If you want to give specific items, try looking at this example of an event: Custom Commands - by Njinir (Engineer)

Basically, instead of a "starterkit" call it a donationkit (or whatever you want) and spawn the items you want them to get.