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I realized that every time the "7d2d rat" is closed, it does not save the "Game World Name" field, so when it starts, it creates a new world.

I currently have it as seen in the following image.

*As you can see, the name is: "West Wukia Territory" and it is correct.

The problem is that if the server is turned off or the "7d2drat" is restarted, I change the name to "Navezgane" by default, which does not load the correct map and creates a new one.

Is there a solution to keep the name well?

Note: Version rat is

PD: Sorry for my bad english.
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I'll have to look into it. In the meantime, If you click File -> Settings and then uncheck the box for "Automatically update serverconfig.xml file when starting the server", then when you start your server with RAT, it won't write a new serverconfig.xml file. Which is fine, unless you change it frequently. You can always check it again and RAT will then start writing the file again.

Basically, get your server config.xml file the way you want it, uncheck that, and you can still use the rest of RAT, without it messing up your settings until I can figure out what's going wrong with that field.