Email Solution Suggestions?


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Currently I use Gmail for my email (and plan to continue to do so). What I then do at home is use Outlook 2013 tied to that Gmail account.

This works great, but the problem is, once I move an email out of the primary inbox and into a folder (which is how I categorize my emails), they are removed from the Gmail account and only stored locally then.

So, that leaves me with my .PST files for Outlook. I then use Carbonite to backup all of my PC files, so there's no real worry about losing them exactly, but... There are issues such as I can't find those emails when I'm not on my home PC, etc.

So, my question is, does anyone have any suggestions?

Ultimately what I want to do is keep my email backed up somewhere, be able to easily categorize it and access it from anywhere.


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I used to use Thunderbird all the time. Set up the account as IMAP if you can so it synchronizes between client and server. Not sure if there is a backup option but I can't imagine leaving that out.

As far as I know Thunderbird is technically no longer in development, I assume to be released by a future project. But, it does have most of the features of a full email client and schemes/mods available on the internet.


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Came here to say use IMAP.
Yeah, I've been using IMAP to connect to Google. I guess the really issue is that I move files out of that folder to another local PST folder. Guess I can't do that anymore... I'll have to mess with it and see how it goes with creating folders within the IMAP'd account. Since Google doesn't really have folders... I have no idea how that'll work. Will try it tonight.