Discord and RAT Supporter Status


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A couple of people have asked me about the "RAT Supporter" group in Discord. What is it for, and how do you get it?

What it is:
Members of "RAT Supporter" group have donated to show their appreciation.

How you get it:
If you donate, you'll be added to the group automatically if you've linked your discord account with your JFF account here on the website. If you don't have/want a JFF account here, that's no problem, simply tell me (Trekkan) that you've donated and what your discord name is, and I'll add you manually.

You can donate by either going to the main page of the website and scroll down on the right side of the page. Or, you can just click this handy link. =)

Donations are in no way expected, but they are very much appreciated. Thank you to all that have donated!

Whether you decide to donate or not, please join us on Discord! =)