Crown of the Gods


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LoU reborn.

Names of the units and buildings are changed, but it's the same game.

It's in the final Beta (Bets 3) atm, should be going live near the end of the year.

$25 donation to get into the 3rd beta. Past that it is free to play, except you really should drop a few bucks a month to be able to automate a few things.

I have rejoined the guild I was in for the last world of LoU, Ride or Die. They ain't us, but they are so close it ain't funny. for the game ( I can only get it to work in Chrome in incognito mode atm) for my guilds website if you want to check us out. (yes that website sucks rocks, but they ain't got a Trekkan, and I am not EVER doing site hosting again.)

So, anyway, I'm either there or still at Archeage until Trek and Silli find me something better.


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Thanks for posting Morigen, I might give it a shot. Although I'll just horde resources like usual. =)