All Lights Green, Except the Local Server Light


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I have just started learning to use a 7D2D dedicated server with RAT, Alloc's server fixes, BC. I have been going through videos and tutorials to figure all this out. After several days non stop I got it working. Except for the fact that the Local Server light is red while EVERYTHING else is green. I checked, and has much as I guessed that means I can not log into the server. Super confused and need anyone who can help me out.


JFF Administrator
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If you're server is running on the same machine as RAT, then this could be an issue. If your server is hosted elsewhere, then you're fine.

If RAT and your game server are on the same machine, then RAT can't see the game server process running. In which case, check the Server Configuration tab and make sure the executable name and server path are set right.