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ADSL Modem/Router

Discussion in 'Electronics and Computing' started by Oxnar, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Oxnar

    Oxnar Member JFF Member

    Hi all, I am looking to drop my Frontier provided Netgear 7550 modem/ router for a commercial ADSL unit the lends itself to MMORPG gaming (if there is such a thing?).
    Normal usage around my home at any one time could be at least 1/2 users watching Netflix and 3/4 users on phones streaming video/ music, maybe one smart TV going, or Facebook videos over WiFi. Then there is me trying to play some MMORPG on a wired connection.
    What you need to know about my connection is it is poor, very poor from Frontier. (I live back in the sticks/ rural area) My down speed is 1.5 and up is .5. A Frontier tech told me once that they only have 3M at the DSLAM?
    I have talked to the IT guys here at work but they don't game and you need a engineering degree to to understand what they are saying.
    I would like buy a modem/router with a very easy to use QoS and 2.4Ghz +5Ghz/N

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
  2. panzerghost

    panzerghost Member JFF Member JFF Supporter

    At those download speeds I don't know how much benefit you'll gain from a so called "gaming" router that gives priority traffic. I don't personally know of any DSL Router/Modem combos. You may be better off getting any nice router and using your current modem in a bridged mode.
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  3. Oxnar

    Oxnar Member JFF Member

    So after some digging I have settled on this. It cost a bit more than I had planed but features everything I was looking for.
    The biggest thing for me is the QoS wizard b/c this is where I can help myself the most (I believe?).

    Thanks for the help,

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