1. Trekkan

    Yes, RAT is being updated for A17. =)

    Just to let everyone know, yes, I'm updating RAT for A17. The current version of RAT is *NOT* compatible with A17. While there are some work arounds and whatnot that can provide some functionality, if you do things wrong, people can't connect to your server (this is due to RAT changing your...
  2. hoa.

    [Not a Bug] RAT Alpha :: Bad Company / Alloc's Fixes not detected

    Hi, First of all, great application. On old RAT all works fine. With new one "Bad Company / Alloc's Fixes" neither "Telnet" is detected. Waited about 5-10 minutes: [Edit] Some extra log from Telnet page: 2018-07-14T22:27:20 7.995 INF Loading permissions file at...
  3. WoYo-Sensei

    Unable to Reproduce Issue Auto-run selected server after RAT starts up

    Hello, First of all I would like you to thank you for your RAT app and its support. It's a great app and probably one of the best released. And thank you for 2.0 version. It is far much better than the previous ones. Thank you for that. I would like to ask you for a small new feature. I know we...
  4. Doctros

    Link Is Broken

    On the main download page for 7DTD Rat (EXPERIMENTAL) at the end of the page you have: Q: RAT crashes as soon as it starts up A: If upgrading from RAT version < 1118, you'll need to perform these one time steps. After that, RAT will start normally from then on. The "perform these one time...
  5. Trekkan

    [DOC] Running Multiple Instances of RAT

    Started with RAT 2.0 (Currently in Alpha, but available for 64 bit download), you can now run multiple instances of RAT in order to manage multiple 7D2D servers. In order to do this, please follow the below steps. Make a copy of the current RAT database The database file is located in...
  6. T

    /Sethome command

    Hi All I am a Noob to this side of things. I have a remote server and all the lights are green that should be. I am seeing logs from the server and players logging on. I really want to add some commands to the server to make life that little bit easier. The first command is /sethome Not...
  7. R

    "Remote system is not running the game"?

    Hello Everyone! I have recently put together a tower that I am wanting to use as a dedicated server for 7D2D. I have successfully set this up on my laptop before, however that is just not practical for me. I would like to be able to run the Tower as the server and the game from my laptop. I...
  8. Trekkan

    [DOC] How to configure and setup the Web Map

    The webmap comes from Alloc's Server Fixes, instructions on setting up the webmap are located here: Integrated Webserver – 7 Days to Die - Linux Server Management
  9. Jonniboy

    Line breaks & color formatting

    Hey, I didn't find something about it yet, so maybe I missed something. If so, please excuse me for this post. Is there any way to do line breaks on the sayplayer command without executing it multiple times? And is there a way to colorize parts of the text, or all? Thanks in advance. Regards...
  10. Jonniboy

    [Under Consideration] Headless build

    Hello, at first big thanks for your awesome work. This is by far the best "controller" for 7DTD servers out there, especially with the event system now. The problem is that I'm hosting a Windows vServer for it, and in my case it's for other things too, but I think a lot of people already use...
  11. Trekkan

    [DOC] How to Completely (and cleanly) Uninstall RAT

    There are times when you'll decide you want to reinstall RAT. Maybe it's been a while since you upgraded and the upgrade is just not working right for you, maybe you've decided RAT isn't for you (I support your right to be wrong! ;) ) and you just want remove it. Whatever your reasons, here...
  12. Trekkan

    [DOC] How to Create / Setup a Discord bot with RAT

    First, you need to create an application within Discord. You can use an existing app, but it is recommended you create a new app. Go here: Discord API Docs for Bots and Developers Log in, and click the "Create an application" box. Type in an App name, it can be anything but it should be...
  13. Trekkan

    My ideas for RAT scripting

    So, I'm looking to improve the scripting of RAT. I'm not going to try and make it all encompassing or something that is a full blown scripting language because... no. =) But, I would like to be able to offer more than that is possible at the moment. Here is an example of what I'm looking at...
  14. Trekkan

    RAT doesn't start, or doing a fresh install of RAT

    Fresh Install of RAT Go to the following folder: %appdata%\Local\Nomadsoft Delete everything in this folder (or delete the entire folder) Now, Go to the following folder: %appdata%\Roaming\Nomadsoft Delete everything in this folder (or delete the entire folder) RAT Doesn't Start up Go to...
  15. Trekkan

    Discord and RAT Supporter Status

    A couple of people have asked me about the "RAT Supporter" group in Discord. What is it for, and how do you get it? What it is: Members of "RAT Supporter" group have donated to show their appreciation. How you get it: If you donate, you'll be added to the group automatically if you've linked...
  16. Mirakle

    Servermanager didn't recognize that server running Allocs Server Fixies

    Hi together, RAT isn't showing the green LED for aktiv Allocs Server Fixes. My server is running on a Linux OS root Server. Telnet connection is cool. On what way did RAT check this? Many tx
  17. Trekkan

    [DOC] RAT Events (Intro)

    Creating events in RAT may look a bit daunting at first, but hopefully with the below explanation things will be more clear. One thing to know is that you don't HAVE to ever touch the RAT events. The system exists in case you would like to modify events (such as localization of text), or...
  18. Trekkan

    [DOC] Event Commands

    Event commands are custom commands I've written and now exposed so that you can use them from within the Script section of events. All event commands are prefixed with a . (period) when calling them. Multiple Parameters are separated by two || (pipes). Commands with a second parameter of...
  19. Trekkan

    [DOC] Event Variables

    Each event has a set of variables associated with them. Generally speaking, each event would have a set of player variables, etc. An event like the AirDrop, of course wouldn't. Below is a list of all of the current variables available to you. Eventually this list will be cleaned up and...
  20. Trekkan

    [DOC] Basic Setup

    Remote Tab This tab is used to connect to the telnet port to any 7D2D server, including your local server. This is the connection on which RAT relies to get all of its information from the 7D2D server and MUST be configured correctly for RAT to work. You can connect to any server anywhere and...