1. T

    /Sethome command

    Hi All I am a Noob to this side of things. I have a remote server and all the lights are green that should be. I am seeing logs from the server and players logging on. I really want to add some commands to the server to make life that little bit easier. The first command is /sethome Not...
  2. DragonRip

    DragonRip New RPG Browser game

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to a new browser based game - The game is still growing and we are always looking for new players! The current features include: 1. Fighting monsters in 6 different Fighting Fields. The attack is on AUTO mode. You can loot equipment...
  3. Trekkan

    How do I become a JFF member?

    Gaining JFF membership simple and meant to be that way. First, you must be registered on this website. This means you have an account that you log in to when visiting the site. If you haven't created an account yet, you'll need to do that first. Second, you must have JFF member status. In...