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  1. Rawrr

    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    Yeah I remember stealth been pretty poor unless you spec'd into it in the sub tree but I'd assume it's worse here. There was a video of 2 people testing it by dueling and they could see the guy in stealth from like 30yards away, although 'supposedly' this got fixed, would be interesting to test...
  2. Rawrr

    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    Maybe they changed something on the new servers as mobs and item spawns are really quick for me. With mobs I'm pretty sure the more people in the area the quicker the respawns. Can make some killer cash early game with pickpocket, just a shame stealth sucks so bad unless you spec into it.
  3. Rawrr

    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    @Alicia I've got a level 18 horde rogue on Elysium I also started a horde priest on the newest server (Zeth'Kur) this weekend with a friend, we got to level 12/13. Not sure what I'll stick with tbh.... No queue on the newest server and the fact that 11k pop on Elysium is way too much, so new...
  4. Rawrr

    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    How's the server going? Still high queues or settled down a bit?
  5. Rawrr

    WoW Vanilla Server - Elysium

    It'll die down most likely, also I think only the PvE server is up, so everyone waiting for the other servers are prob messing around on the PvE one until then.
  6. Rawrr

    Ashes of Creation

    Always keen to checkout new games. I used Trekkan's link. Ashes of Creation
  7. Rawrr

    Private TBC server (1 instant 70 for next 18 hours)

    Here is mentions the details of the instant max level - Exciting 36 hour event - THIS SATURDAY - And other changes All you do is join the server, make a character and then when you spawn in there is a NPC that gives you max level, green items, a 100% speed ground mount. That NPC will be there...
  8. Rawrr

    Private TBC server (1 instant 70 for next 18 hours)

    I have been playing on this server for couple weeks now, stable and devs seem good. Only 'issue' is the pop is pretty low, at least it was around 200-300 but they have an event going on for another day or so where you can get 1 instant 70 per IP (normally can get instant 60s) The population...
  9. Rawrr

    A16 Preview stuff

    I struggle to watch these videos, I find the guy so boring D:
  10. Rawrr

    New JFF Member Introduction for Recdim

    Scary @RaveKnave :P Welcome @Recdim :D
  11. Rawrr

    New JFF Member Introduction for Faedom

    Welcome to JFF Faedom!
  12. Rawrr

    Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    Me, @Deuce & @YumC tried it out a little, but Yum has been working a lot lately and with me been in New Zealand mine and Deuce's playtimes only cross at the weekends and I'm still pretty full on in Ark. Not really gotten too far into the game yet, somethings are cool and somethings need...
  13. Rawrr

    Server wipe - New Map - Fresh start

    So the server I have been playing on due to some Ark update issues and what 99% of the people that play on this server want, the admins have wiped and changed to a different map, The Center. It's the first time I have played this map and am really enjoying it! Nice community on the server and...
  14. Rawrr

    Anyone need a GTX 660 TI (free)

    That's all I really wanted tbh ;D
  15. Rawrr

    Anyone need a GTX 660 TI (free)

    Will it fix in my laptop and please personally delivery to New Zealand ;D
  16. Rawrr

    MMO Night

    Yeah hopefully weekends I can catch up with you guys or when my rota changes.
  17. Rawrr

    MMO Night

    I actually want to try out GW2, sadly prob won't get to play with any of you guys though due to time differences. After a quick search, GW2 is now F2P with limits? and you have to buy the expansion if you want?
  18. Rawrr

    Say whaat, I'm in Melbourne Australia!

    Hey guys! I know I have sucked really bad at doing photos and stuff, my girlfriend has recently made an Instagram, so if any of you use it or even if you don't you can check out some photos there! Louise Hyde (@alongsidehyde) • Instagram photos and videos
  19. Rawrr

    Slaying Prince Pigglesworth - Castle Siege! STREAM.

    So the admin of our ARK server runs regular events, this Saturday we are doing a raid on a castle that a member has built. This is going to be STREAMED, so check it out if you like. 6PM PST on Saturday 27th August 2016. View: There should also be a video...
  20. Rawrr

    Game channels now have icons

    They are cool :]