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  1. Rawrr

    Private TBC server (1 instant 70 for next 18 hours)

    I have been playing on this server for couple weeks now, stable and devs seem good. Only 'issue' is the pop is pretty low, at least it was around 200-300 but they have an event going on for another day or so where you can get 1 instant 70 per IP (normally can get instant 60s) The population...
  2. Rawrr

    Server wipe - New Map - Fresh start

    So the server I have been playing on due to some Ark update issues and what 99% of the people that play on this server want, the admins have wiped and changed to a different map, The Center. It's the first time I have played this map and am really enjoying it! Nice community on the server and...
  3. Rawrr

    Slaying Prince Pigglesworth - Castle Siege! STREAM.

    So the admin of our ARK server runs regular events, this Saturday we are doing a raid on a castle that a member has built. This is going to be STREAMED, so check it out if you like. 6PM PST on Saturday 27th August 2016. View: There should also be a video...
  4. Rawrr

    Empyrion - Galactic Survival

    Me and Yum both brought this tonight, going to test it out tomorrow. Looks kinda cool, a lot of the reviews are saying things like this game is what No Man's Sky should have been etc. On sale for the next few days. Save 50% on Empyrion - Galactic Survival on Steam
  5. Rawrr

    Blueprint list

    Work in progress - @YumC @TheJackOfSpades @Big D If you have something better than listed, post and I will edit. ARMOR (Arm/dura) RIOT Helm Chest - 220.0/266.5 Legs Gloves Boots FLAK Helm - 408.7/519.9 Chest - 222.2/235.8 Legs - Gloves - 367.5/640.4 Boots - 295.1/404.7 GHILLIE Helm - Chest -...
  6. Rawrr

    Steam Free Weekend and Epic 50% Sale!
  7. Rawrr

    New update - 245.0

    PC: v245, ETA: July 28 The Center mega-update! (New Biomes, New Islands, New Caves & Creature Spawns, etc) New Official Total Conversion: Primitive+, optimized, 'completed', and packaged as Free DLC New Creature: Pelagornis! New Creature: Allosaurus! New Item: Fishing Rod + Fishing Mechanic...
  8. Rawrr

    Console commands to get rid of the annoying sunglare

    Hit TAB and enter r.bloomquality 0 and again with r.lightshafts 0 Second one I don't notice any change the the first is nice. Sadly you need to do this every time you load ARK. Source:-
  9. Rawrr


    Resources - If we are low on something and someone has time or you have used the resources, go quickly top them up, with the dino's it's not too hard. METAL/FLINT = Ankylosaurus (If solo, take Quetzal & Anky to Volcano) WOOD = Beaver*/Mammoth (I prefer beaver as weight of the wood/thatch is...
  10. Rawrr

    Daily things we need to do at the base.

    Most of these tasks are annoying but we need to do them to help us out. EGGS - Need to be collected and put in the feeding trough inside the base - Used for making kibble. POOP - Needs to be collected and put in the two dung beetles at the front of the base - Produces oil for jerky and gas...
  11. Rawrr

    Useful Links. - Server website. - What kibble each dino eats for taming, how to make each kibble & how many arrows/darts to knock them out. - Work out how long a tame will take & how much food is needed (Don't forget to add the x4)
  12. Rawrr

    HELP: Fast but slow internet speeds.

    So I've had this new laptop for 2 weeks or so now and everything has been working fine, no problems at all. But last night while playing ARK, all of a sudden the internet speeds just disappear and I get high ping, then in the morning it was fine and all day fine, until mid afternoon (and still...
  13. Rawrr

    New computer, how to set up, what do you do first?

    So ordered a laptop, should be coming *hopefully* today if I am lucky, if not Monday... My title question is about what you do when you first get a new machine... Things like backing up, making a image, what programs do you install, anti-virus etc. Also maybe how do you partition your HDD or...
  14. Rawrr

    Suggest me some games to get/play!

    So I'm hopefully buying a laptop in the next few days and want to catch up on gaming! I haven't gamed properly in 5 or so years, so I've missed a few! I like MMOs, sandbox, RPG elements. Games I've played in the past - World of Warcraft, The Elder Scroll series, 7D2D, Mafia 2, Games already...
  15. Rawrr

    Life is Feudal: Your Own & MMO for $8.88

    So what happened with this game? Almost been 2 years since a few of you were playing it looks like. It looks like an interesting game. The reason I bring it up, I've just noticed you can get it on Humble Bundle for another 4 or so hours for $8.88 (Along with some other bits) Looks like you...
  16. Rawrr

    So I'm thinking of buying a laptop

    So as most of you know I have been travelling on and off for the past few years and due to this I haven't been gaming in that time. I've recently got to New Zealand and am looking at staying in one place for the next 3-6 months and even after that still been quite settled and then in about 12...
  17. Rawrr

    Alpha Console, Steam & GTA4

    Does anyone have experience with the Alpha console? TL;DR; Alpha console, Steam, GTA 4, not launching, fix? I'd never used one before but my housemate has one (But he doesn't really use it, it's what I've been playing 7D2D & TF2 on lately) It uses what I assume is Steam OS? Starts off on a...
  18. Rawrr

    Exploding xbow bolts...

    I can make them and they are fun! It's like having a pipebomb attached to a bolt :D
  19. Rawrr

    Help, base location, info & tips.

    Wanted to create a new thread with some information & tips for anyone joining in. THODS SERVER IP: Port: 45145 Password: JffS3rv3r0nly BASE LOCATION Safe base set up at cords 521S 23E There should be a wooden frame by the ramp to get into the base. LOCKBOX PASSWORD = jffonly...
  20. Rawrr

    Mortal Online releases new continent I'm glad to see this game is still going, I used to have great fun playing this with you guys and it's still a game I hope to play again if I ever stop travelling. They've added a new continent along with new items, armor and other fixes etc.