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  1. Alicia

    Free Expansion August 16

    New expansion coming out next week. Might reinstall and check it out ^^
  2. Alicia

    Civ VI Multiplayer

    Alicia created a new event: Civ VI Multiplayer Read more about this event...
  3. Alicia

    45 Minutes of Alpha 15

  4. Alicia

    Chronicles of Elyria

    I didn't find a thread on this game but I'm sure Panzer posted it somewhere! View: 48 hours left to back. I finally bit the bullet and I'm hoping for the best! Anybody...
  5. Alicia

    Atlas Reactor Beta

    Figured I'd pop open this thread to both post an extra key and leave room for comments from those that will be trying out the beta. Key: 7GPWEHJPQN3MJYHE6FF6 Code redeemable here: Atlas Reactor | Redeem First come first serve, if you missed the giveaway.
  6. Alicia

    Live Action Trailer

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    Alicia created a new event: Battleborn! Read more about this event...
  8. Alicia

    Twas the night before Blood Moon

    Twas the night before Blood moon! Twas the night before Blood moon, when all through the base. Not a walker was scratching, a weak wooden frame. The spike traps I set on the perimeter with care, In hopes that it kept the zombies out there. The Survivors were nestled in the base by their beds...
  9. Alicia

    Saltwater Aquarium/Marine tank/Reef Tank/etc etc

    So, my boyfriend has decided to start up a salt water aquarium and I've decided to help him on this crazy adventure. Learning is fun! Tons and tons of research and reading and video's basically lead us to believe that each tank experience is different and that it's almost a trial and error of...
  10. Alicia

    Fallout 4 Game Breaking Bug

    This article contains very slight spoilers as it tells you the name of the place where the bug occurs. It's a story quest area and traveling there can cause you to crash to desktop with no way to reload that save(according to some users). Some have reported that going anywhere near it will...
  11. Alicia

    Alpha 13 Preview

    Link in case I'm bad at inserting videos:
  12. Alicia

    Patch Info

    Well that was fast. The patch 1.03 has just been released and is now available for all PC versions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The update introduces a range of stability and performances ehancements as well as allows users to take advantage of some additional graphics settings. Please find...
  13. Alicia

    Alpha 12 Preview Video
  14. Alicia

    48 hour Ubisoft Witcher Sale

    For those that haven't bought the game yet and are contemplating it, you can get The Witcher 3 plus four games from Ubisoft if you order in the next 48 hours...
  15. Alicia

    Day 1: What do you love, what could use work?

    So, since a few of us have been able to play the game now I wanted to put a Day One thread here and get some of your thoughts on gameplay. No story spoilers here. As for me, on day one I sat there in awe of the weather effects, ambient game sounds, music and overall atmosphere. I was just...
  16. Alicia


    Go ahead an post your videos and media for The Witcher 3! Here is 3 hours of live game on the PC. From what I understand the settings are on Ultra, however, some items are turned down, so not "everything" is set to ultra. However, it is the first time we've seen recent PC gameplay so if you're...
  17. Alicia

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Just wanted to start up an official Witcher thread for those of us who are excited to release. This link was posted earlier today and I wanted to put it here for those that may have ordered the game recently from GreenManGaming...
  18. Alicia

    FFXIV Heavensward Benchmark The benchmark is free to download and poke around on, test your system, and also play around with the new and improved character creation, including the new races/classes!
  19. Alicia

    Alpha 11 Info
  20. Alicia

    FC4 50% today on Amazon today only. Amazon Gold Box Deal, all versions of FC4 are 50% off. I finally picked it up.