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  1. Zynn

    Post your favorite gaming website! and
  2. Zynn

    My new yard flamingo mount!

    She spreads her love around, all over the server... :p That actually looks neat. When I heard "Flamingo" in TS, I thought it would look dumb, so I didn't pursue one. Now I want one! Is it too late? OOOH! I want this! Big Love Rocket!
  3. Zynn

    Post your best run in with the cops story

    Ok, many many years ago.. I finally got to go out with this girl I was crushing on. I forget where we were going, but I was hauling ass down the highway to get there. Ahead, I see this lone cop standing on the side of the road pointing at me. I'm like "Crap, I need to change directions...
  4. Zynn

    Depressing...EQ:N future in flux

    They kept Smedley, "Ruiner of Games". Does anyone really think they are going to replace Dave with someone better?
  5. Zynn

    WoW - What Crafting Items do You Need?

    I require lots and lots of Runecloth (total of 804 more) to continue leveling tailoring to get into 300s and the next higher material. Also, am burning through Whisper Dust on the Enchanting side. I believe those can be had by breaking down level 36-45 junk green and blue items that are not...
  6. Zynn

    I need some icons created, anyone interested? =)

    Weird that the addon didn't come with icons. Is something wrong with this pack?
  7. Zynn

    WoW - Guild Tabards

    Ha.. Now that you mention it... I forgot all about the chaos symbol. :)
  8. Zynn

    WoW Resource Thread

    Here is a great site to level up tradeskills very efficiently:
  9. Zynn

    Interface AddOns

    There is an addon called "MoveAnything" that will let you do what the name implies. :) After installation, type /move into the chat to bring up the config window. Also, BarTender is a good addon for moving, adding, rotating, and changing the size of action bars, xp bar, and even remove that...
  10. Zynn

    Interface AddOns

    I've been using Bagnon, is there a difference you know of?
  11. Zynn

    WoW List Your Characters and Classes

    Zingii - Destruction Warlock Kryksis - Mistweaver Monk Zyxii - Beastmaster Hunter
  12. Zynn

    Crafting Professions

    Zingii - Engineering and Mining Kryksis - Tailoring and Enchanting Zyxii - Skinning and Leatherworking (May change since there seem to be a few already who do these)
  13. Zynn

    What is your battlenet name?

  14. Zynn

    World of Warcraft: Warlords of Dreanor

    I tried to log into my old Blizzard account. It took me forever. I just didn't have the right password or correct second pet's name. Finally, I found my retail box and got a password reset by inputting the serial key. I get in and check out my account only to find out that it is locked and...
  15. Zynn

    You know you've played too much _________ when...

    I have done that a lot! Pretty much any game I marathon for a while affects my dreams, even as I am dozing off to sleep. I also tend to be very alert, aware, and notice everything, like good paths from point A to B without making a sound, or a good place to dump a body, after I play stealth...
  16. Zynn

    You are going on a one year journey...

    You'd be playing with yourself then, right?
  17. Zynn

    Air cooling systems and water cooling systems

    The Corsair cooler I have usually runs about $80, on average, but I got it for $45 because I am a diligent deal hunter and look for coupon codes, sales, etc.. Here is what my system looks like with the water cooler:
  18. Zynn

    Air cooling systems and water cooling systems

    I'm on my second system with a closed-loop water cooler. My current system has a Corsair H80i. It is easy to set up. The part that actually contacts the processor contains a water pump. It has a little radiator that cools the water, and on my model, there is a fan in front of and behind the...
  19. Zynn

    What was your first job?

    Exactly... Instead, we have adults, doing jobs meant to be for teens, and they are protesting and complaining that they don't get paid enough to support their family.
  20. Zynn

    You are going on a one year journey...

    I would probably bring Little Big Planet 3. That way, I can spend the year making levels and games.