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  1. Dsan

    World of Warcraft Classic

    This is really just an excuse to play around on the forum for once... So far we've all decided to play Horde on the PvE server Pagle. Play what you want where you want. This is no official JFF thing. Also, I might try to start streaming a little if I have time, and if I can figure it out...
  2. Dsan

    Comment by 'Dsan' in album 'Outlaws of the Wild West'

    figures I'd name it wrong ><
  3. Outlaws of the Wild West

    Outlaws of the Wild West

  4. Outlaws Map

    Outlaws Map

  5. Dsan

    Discord JFF Supporter Group

    It's a membership level group in the user list. You're no longer under JFF Members but under JFF Supporters. Fancy.
  6. Dsan

    Skyrim Special Edition - Mod List

    So I didn't think I'd end up playing Skyrim again but after giving the Special Edition a try I realized I was wrong... If you have it I would give a chance. The graphics are much improved and the performance is a lot better too. Of course, there are things we'd like to have that Bethesda will...
  7. Dsan

    Next Patch Information (A few days)

    Update 28 – Climbing and Exploration System - Conan Exiles - dev blog
  8. Dsan

    Secret World Legends

    Since a handful of us are dabbling in SWL I thought we could use a place to drop character names and what not. Rhavik - Dragon
  9. Dsan

    Iron Brigade

    So I bought the 4-pack while the game was on sale. I'll be sending 1 copy to my brother but the other 2 are free to whoever wants one. Give me your steam name and I'll send it over. It's an older game but I messed around with a little on xbox and had some fun. Check it out.
  10. Dsan

    Teamspeak server shutting down!

    Really liking the features that Discord offers. Good choice and thanks as usual.
  11. Dsan

    MMO Night 2

    Quick reminder. This Wednesday is the first night in Earth & Beyond. Make sure to get it downloaded and setup soon. As usual, play whatever looks cool and I'll try to answer any questions.
  12. Dsan

    River City Ransom: Underground

    The old king of beat-em-ups is back almost 3 decades later. The game is on sale for $15 until March 6, then it's back to $20. Save 20% on River City Ransom: Underground on Steam It supports up to 4 players locally, up to at least 2 online (need to verify it can do 4 or not). Might be good for...
  13. Dsan

    MMO Night 2

    Just a reminder. Tomorrow night is MMO night in Conan Exiles. Hope to see you all there. Again, this will be the last official MMO night in CE and next week MMO Night will continue with Earth & Beyond. I'll still be playing CE on off days and I imagine many of you will too. See ya 'round.
  14. Dsan

    MMO Night 2

    Sorry for not acknowledging you guys. I do remember seeing you online for a while.
  15. Dsan

    MMO Night 2

    Well, even though I'm the only one that showed up tonight it was still a pretty good time. Would like to have seen others but it's all good. The new base is fully functional. The only items missing are for redundancy or decoration. Feel free to check it out and settle in, if you like. In...
  16. Dsan

    Next Patch Information (A few days)

  17. Dsan

    Next Patch Information (A few days)

    That kind of hurts for now... The only nearby water at the new base is a river. The waterskin keeps me working a lot longer.
  18. Dsan

    MMO Night 2

    Tomorrow is MMO night - still runnin with Conan Exiles!
  19. Dsan

    My house is bugged :(

    There's a reddit post about this in the official CE group. Hopefully they can fix it soon...
  20. Dsan

    MMO Night 2

    Weapon Stats