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  1. YumC

    Battlefield Insider (Possible beta/early access)

    So looks like there's signing going on for Battlefield 1 beta (by subcribing to the EA newsletter) not sure about the dates but here's the link and some info. Battlefield Insider Program "Enlist today to become a Battlefield Insider by subscribing to EA’s newsletter. Get early access to the...
  2. YumC

    Battlefield 1

    I'll be updating this post with more news as we get them. -------Battlfield 1 Trailer--------------- View:
  3. YumC

    Alpha 14.5 is out!

    Some fixes and sound changes!
  4. YumC

    Eso welcomes beta players back

    For anyone willing to give this game a second chance, i did a few weeks ago and i'm having some much fun. Some of the new stuff: Justice System Champion...
  5. YumC

    Sword Coast Legends - Live Stream Event Tomorrow (3/19 3:00 pm EST)

    ​Join us this Thursday 3/19 at 3:00 pm EST on for a look at Tim's (Design Director) Player Campaign. In this video you'll get to see gameplay footage that was initially only available to press at ‪#‎GDC2015‬! LINK: NOTE: This video will first...
  6. YumC

    Hey guys

    Hey guys! YumC here aka THE TACO GOD!!! Some of you may know me fron DHV. Im 29, mexican and nooo i dont use a big sombrero on a regular basis. I´ve been lost on gaming for a very very long time so i need some game recommendations, theres any game cool kids are playing right now?. Saludos...