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  1. Trekkan

    RAT and A18

    All, First, yes I will be updating RAT to work with A18. I've been busy, so updates to RAT have been slow lately. Second, the current version of RAT (2040) will work with A18, HOWEVER there is one thing to be aware of. The DropOnDeath value in serverconfig.xml has been changed in A18. All...
  2. Trekkan

    New Web host, updated website

    As you can tell, we've moved hosts and updated the website. There is still a lot of work for me to do, but I wanted to get things back up and running. If you have any issues with the site, please let me know.
  3. Trekkan

    JFF Upcoming Changes

    First, I want to say thanks to Fillip and Iain at for hosting the JFF servers all these years. They've been great and have hosted JFF/DHV for free for... 10 years? Always keeping our server up to date and hack free, dealing with my random questions and helping to...
  4. Trekkan

    Outlaws Server Manager (OSM)

    Trekkan submitted a new resource: Outlaws Server Manager (OSM) - Outlaws of the Old West Server Manager Read more about this resource...
  5. Trekkan

    [Completed] RAT Database gets corrupted

    All. To stop the DB corruption. In RAT, select File -> Settings. Click the Console/Chat tab, make sure both "Log console text to the database" and "Log player chat to the database" are UNCHECKED. Click Save Settings at the top of the window. I'm still trying to figure out the actual cause...
  6. Trekkan

    Yes, RAT is being updated for A17. =)

    Just to let everyone know, yes, I'm updating RAT for A17. The current version of RAT is *NOT* compatible with A17. While there are some work arounds and whatnot that can provide some functionality, if you do things wrong, people can't connect to your server (this is due to RAT changing your...
  7. Trekkan

    Need Testers

    I'm going to be releasing a new Alpha version of CAT soon. This version is mostly just to get CAT up to speed with the current final release with settings, etc. The one new thing is a mod browser was added. Its strictly a browser at this point, there are no install/uninstall of mods...
  8. Trekkan

    DemSyn Just For Fun Conan Exiles Server

    Game Server Information Server Name: DemSyn The server is admin'd by @Demenya and @Syngence Steam Workshop :: LitMan Item Stack & Container Size Steam Workshop :: LitMan Level Seventy Eight Steam Workshop :: Drag thralls in water (May 2018) Steam Workshop :: Pickup+ Steam Workshop :: LitMan...
  9. Trekkan

    CAT Development Resuming

    I've been approached by many people lately that would like to see CAT updated to work with the latest release version of CE. To that end, I plan on updating CAT to support the new configuration options as well as possible mod support. Beyond that I don't have any plans currently. But if you...
  10. Trekkan

    [Accepted] Add support for importing HELP commands into the RAT Event Editor

    When doing a BC help command: bc-help /sm /pp Use the results to populate the event editor command window.
  11. Trekkan

    [DOC] Running Multiple Instances of RAT

    Started with RAT 2.0 (Currently in Alpha, but available for 64 bit download), you can now run multiple instances of RAT in order to manage multiple 7D2D servers. In order to do this, please follow the below steps. Make a copy of the current RAT database The database file is located in...
  12. Trekkan

    [DOC] How to configure and setup the Web Map

    The webmap comes from Alloc's Server Fixes, instructions on setting up the webmap are located here: Integrated Webserver – 7 Days to Die - Linux Server Management
  13. Trekkan

    CAT Development Suspended

    Just a quick note to let you know that CAT development is currently suspended. This is primarily due to that I'm not even playing CE at the moment and as such, its not easy to support CAT when I have no idea what is even happening with the game. I haven't updated CAT since CE came out, so I'm...
  14. Trekkan

    [DOC] How to Completely (and cleanly) Uninstall RAT

    There are times when you'll decide you want to reinstall RAT. Maybe it's been a while since you upgraded and the upgrade is just not working right for you, maybe you've decided RAT isn't for you (I support your right to be wrong! ;) ) and you just want remove it. Whatever your reasons, here...
  15. Trekkan

    [DOC] How to Create / Setup a Discord bot with RAT

    First, you need to create an application within Discord. You can use an existing app, but it is recommended you create a new app. Go here: Discord API Docs for Bots and Developers Log in, and click the "Create an application" box. Type in an App name, it can be anything but it should be...
  16. Trekkan

    My ideas for RAT scripting

    So, I'm looking to improve the scripting of RAT. I'm not going to try and make it all encompassing or something that is a full blown scripting language because... no. =) But, I would like to be able to offer more than that is possible at the moment. Here is an example of what I'm looking at...
  17. Trekkan

    RAT doesn't start, or doing a fresh install of RAT

    Fresh Install of RAT Go to the following folder: %appdata%\Local\Nomadsoft Delete everything in this folder (or delete the entire folder) Now, Go to the following folder: %appdata%\Roaming\Nomadsoft Delete everything in this folder (or delete the entire folder) RAT Doesn't Start up Go to...
  18. Trekkan

    Discord JFF Supporter Group

    What it is: Members of "JFF Supporter" group have donated to help offset the costs of running JFF. How you get it: If you donate, you'll be added to the group automatically if you've linked your discord account with your JFF account here on the website. You can donate by either going to the...
  19. Trekkan

    Discord and RAT Supporter Status

    A couple of people have asked me about the "RAT Supporter" group in Discord. What is it for, and how do you get it? What it is: Members of "RAT Supporter" group have donated to show their appreciation. How you get it: If you donate, you'll be added to the group automatically if you've linked...
  20. Trekkan

    Alpha 16 Experimental!

    We've restarted fresh with the new A16 Experimental build, same server info as before. =)