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  1. Thod

    A 17 stuff

  2. Thod

    New Bear model. Here is a close look at a front view of the new non-zed bear. like everything right now it was running in a circle. Also it was in a single player world that I was testing things out in...
  3. Thod

    Starvation mod

    So I have been playing this mod for a while now, and I have to say that it is everything that we have been wanting for 7 days. They have even put in in the past few weeks a sanity system. Food spoilage, that makes having fridges usable, working NPC's that give quests and also that you can have...
  4. Thod

    Starvation mod...hardcore

  5. Thod

    ok Map

    Ginfo Conan: Exiles Map here is a ok map I searched for.
  6. Thod

    Valmod mods

    I am giving this mod pack a try for 7 days and so far it is real good. It's pretty in depth and adds a class system to the game that limits how fast you can craft things right off the bat. There is a ton of modded goodies in here as well that helps out to balance for the slower progression...
  7. Thod

    A16 Preview stuff

  8. Thod

    A15 B94 new home

    I have a new house started in a good biome like before new good resources. city nearby. 3 other houses real close for horde nights to stand on the roof and just shoot down into the house and kill the zombies. it worked real good on the 7 day horde for me. that way the main base stays good...
  9. Thod

    A15 out today

    Current experimental build is out as of 45 min ago.
  10. Thod

    Nazgane stuff a15 vid

    Check it out looking good. View:
  11. Thod

    random gen border question answer
  12. Thod

    Alpha 14.2 so far!!!!

    So here is the short of it. You can get in the game real fast real soon IE making steel within 1 hour. It is all based upon your choices on where you put your skill points which have been sscaled back a little. They have balance out the death penality with other things like skills that...
  13. Thod

    Food Question

    I am helping a friend build out her restaurant. Of course not spelling the menu... but helping with all the ground work and stuff. So what I would like to know is 2 things. 1. for a grilled cheese sandwhich other than cheese and bacon, what do you like on them? 2. Hot dogs- for a loaded...
  14. Thod

    Loot respawn

    Trekkan, Is there a way you can chek on the loot respawn timmers. I don't know what they are set at, but I know that some of the stuff has not respwned since the server reset. Thanks Thunderlions!!!!!
  15. Thod

    Its out aplha 12

    About time!!!!!!!
  16. Thod

    Ark: Survival Evovled

    So I bought this game last night and it is a 9gig DL from steam, early access Alpha. They are planning on putting it out to PS4 next year somtime and then making it to release somtime near after that. From the 4 hours of play I put into it so far I am really impressed with the PVE aspect of...
  17. Thod

    Feral Zombie

    So in the update 11, there is a new type of Feral Zombie that lives mainly in the tunnel systmes underground where you can only mine ore from in the random gen world. It takes mad hits(like 30 or more) from any tier weapon. If anyone would like to try to hunt one, Please join the new server...
  18. Thod

    post from RDEITT "difficulty finding POIs "

    I've seen a lot of people mention that they are having difficulty finding POIs on their random generated maps, even with greatly increasing the probabilities of POIs being generated, so I thought I'd share a few things you can do to increase them, all of which are done by eiditing...
  19. Thod

    Never ever played

    Ok all. As the subject line ays, I have never played WoW but would not mind picking it up to play with you all. I do have a account. Do I Is it F2P for a certin time up to a certain lvl and then P2P a month? If so I would love to join. I will DL tonight and jump on TS on Sat to...
  20. Thod

    Joke time

    *****Joke Time***** A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus. She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her. She immediately moved to another seat. Thi...s time the smile turned into a grin, so she moved again. He seemed more amused. When on the fourth move, the man burst out laughing...