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RAT 2040 Hotfix 2019-11-29

** You must have RAT 2040 already installed, this is just a single file update **

Rename your old .exe file and put this one in it's place. To revert for any reason, just do the opposite.

  • Added: Default A18 game worlds (PREGEN01-03) (Reported by: UBBERNOOBER)
  • Changed: DropOnDeath Values were changed for A18, if upgrading, make sure this value is set as you want it!
  • Fixed: Inventory Icons: These are now already downloaded on the server, no need to import them. So removed the Icon Import function in RAT. (Reported by: VizualNate)
    I did notice that not all items (such as eggs) are in this folder, so... nothing I can do about the invalid displays for missing icons.
    Also, when possible, I'll be updating the player inventory to reflect mods, etc. But I currently can't do that.
  • Fixed: Due to an A18 change of how log files are defined, logs were no longer being generated. (Reported by: RogueNation)
  • Fixed: Game World Seed can now be an empty value (Reported by: Sadist)
  • Added: Tooltip on World Gen Seed to reflect possible value ranges, etc.
  • Added: Text on player inventory screen about how to get item icons to appear
  • Changed: Imports of Items/Buffs/Entities now happen every time the telnet connection to the server is made. This prevents issues where admins spawn items and the incorrect item spawns, etc. This means you should no longer have to manually import these items, but the Tools menu is still there so you can do it if needed.
  • Added: Long asked for support for player channel chats. Meaning, Public, Friends and Party chat. (Requested by: PlaT (and everyone else))
    Created two new events to support this, Player Friends Chat and Player Party Chat
  • Added: In support of the above feature, the .DSAY command now has an optional parameter so you can specify which discord channel that event should broadcast to.
    This gives you the ability to output any event to any Discord channel(s) you'd like.
    Example: .DSAY:discordChannelName||<{player_name}> {player_chat}

    Leaving out the Discord channel name, will use the default channel specified in the Discord Settings window.
  • Fixed: Various issues with the event editor not saving correctly, overwriting an event, etc.
  • Added: Refresh button on the event list to repoll the data when you want. This is because when you save an event, we want to keep on the same event, but various changes you might make, have different impacts on the display.
  • Fixed: When saving an event, the event name in the event list was not properly setting its enabled/disabled color status
  • Fixed: When "Use Server Settings", the Remote settings properly update when changing the settings on the server config tab
  • Fixed: Default values for the Ban Player window were not always being displayed correctly
  • Fixed: New Player Joined event works again
  • Fixed: Player Killed Player event works again
  • Added: New event: Server Ready, when this event fires, it means the server is ready for players to join. Not to be confused with SERVER UP and SERVER DOWN, which reflect whether the server process is found running or not.
  • Added: {content} variable to TEXT MATCH event. This will allow you to output the entire line of content, effectively making it so you could for instance, output all console content to a Discord channel, etc.
  • Added: Help -> Get RAT Debug Info to the menu items. This will show you the data first, then copy it to your clipboard. No passwords are gathered. Then you can output this information to Discord or the website to help troubleshoot.
  • Added: Import and Export of RAT Events. This should allow you to share events more easily. Currently only a single event at a time can be imported/exported. Later will be full import/export.
    Both Import and Export will display the raw event content before any action is taken.
    Imported events are imported with "(IMPORTED)" prepended to the event name and are also disabled by default.
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