7D2D RAT 2.0 Alpha -- 64 Bit

7D2D RAT 2.0 Alpha -- 64 Bit 2040

You'll need RAT 2040 installed first, then simply rename the .exe file to something else and put the one at the below link in its place. There is also a list of changes at the below link.

I'll be putting out a more "formal" update in that a new installer, etc.. but I wanted to get this out to people while I could as it has a lot of fixes and changes in it that didn't require database changes (which is why its just a .exe update).
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  • Fixed: No more database corruption issues, hopefully...
  • Removed: Logging to the database. Logs are now only output to files instead of the database.
  • Removed: RAT settings pertaining to logging to the database
  • Added: RAT Logs now go into log files in the RAT installation folder/logs, stamped by the current date. Console logs are still written by the server as always.
  • Changed: Console log window history increased from 1000 to 2000 rows
  • Fixed: Reenabled the host ban entry box (Reported by: David Lee)
  • Changed: Item spawner window can now remain open along with main RAT window
  • Removed: Log Export window, since all logs are already written to files
  • Fixed: 0 byte backups. Make sure the 'Save Game Location' is set to the root level of saves, such as 'C:\Users\Troy\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\Old Faminu Valley' The game name will, automatically be appended.
  • Changed: Updated to SQLite 372 libraries
Change log:

  • Changed: Using newer Discord library, still more work to do here extending Discord functionality
  • Fixed: Discord status at bottom of RAT status bar would sometimes not appear
  • Fixed: Player New Connected event was not firing
  • Changed: Webmap will now open in your default browser
  • Changed: Webmap -- If the remote host points to localhost/ or Enable Local Server is checked, the webmap doesn't require any configuration other than webpermissions to be set. If you are remotely hosted, you will still need to specify the host/port on the Misc tab.
  • Fixed: Exception when checking for updates, if you were behind a firewall or otherwise the update server was unavailable (Reported by: Linearburn)
  • Removed: Server config settings: BlockDurabilityModifier, ZombiesRun
  • Added: Server config settings: UserDataFolder, XPMultiplier, BlockDamagePlayer, BlockDamageAI, BlockDamageAIBM, LandClaimCount, BloodMoonFrequency, BloodMoonRange
  • Changed: TerminalWindowEnabled default is set to true
  • Fixed: Hopeful fix for DB corruption issues, please let me know.
Release 2.03.0 is out. Only a few changes, but hopefully a fix to the DB corruption issue some people are having. Please note that if your DB is corrupted, you must delete the database file and reconfigure RAT. The file is located at %appdata%\nomadsoft\7d2d_rat.db. Delete that file, rerun RAT and a new one will be generated.

Also please note, make sure you've installed all of the latest Windows updates. There were some SQL issues in versions released early Jan of this year that have since had fixes released and this could be the cause of the issues as well.

  • Changed: Updated the SQLite library to latest release
  • Fixed: Friends list request should no longer happen when there are no players on the server.
  • Changed: No longer requesting player positions from the server.
  • Fixed: Case Sensitive issue when looking up player names (Reported by: Njinir)
  • Changed: Made the RAT Event UI a little easier/cleaner (hopefully) (Requested by: Njinir and several others)
  • Fixed: Event list shouldn't jump around anymore, keeping you on the event you expect
  • Fixed: Players could lose their bank total on logout (Reported by: Njinir)
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Because I did a terrible job testing, yet another release. Going to bed!

Special thanks to @DrakoWolf for some extensive debugging!

  • Fixed: Issue that could cause your settings to revert to default values (Reported by: DrakoWolf)
  • Fixed: Rat exception thrown when archive inactive players is on, and the world isn't generated yet. (Reported by: DrakoWolf)
  • Fixed: Backup compression type now defaults to "Fastest" instead of empty (Reported by: DrakoWolf)
  • Fixed: Health Check Restart Server When now defaults to "Never" instead of empty (Reported by: DrakoWolf)
  • Fixed: Disabled Protocols were not saving correctly (Reported by: DrakoWolf)
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If you host your server on the same machine as RAT, you want this update. Fixes an issue where Game World Name was populated the Game World Seed value as well.

Doesn't really "break" anything, but would affect your world generation not using the seed you may have intended.
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  • Fixed: *** Possible RAT exploit of impersonation of another player. *** No known reports of this being exploited, but found and fixed. This would only affect RAT seeing one player as another player, nothing internal to the game.
  • Changed: Server Configuration values are saved more frequently when navigating around RAT
  • Added: Support for BCM player chat. Chat should no longer be duplicated when a player has a color or group assigned to them (Reported by: PhantomGhost)
  • Changed: 'Player New Connected' event now happens when the player spawns into the world, instead of a 60 second delay.
  • Changed: Server Login Confirmation field is now scrollable (Requested by: PlaT)
  • Fixed: You can again use cursor movements in the console/chat windows as well as CTRL-A/C, etc. (Reported by: PlaT)
  • Changed: World Gen Size maximum now set to 32768 (Note, this is twice the MAXIMUM recommended by TFP). I doubled it, because there's always SOMEONE wanting to push the limits.
  • Changed: Game World is now a text box instead of a dropdown to support A17 game worlds (Reported by: StompyNZ)
  • Fixed: RAT Exception on Saveworld timer could occur, no longer throws an exception, but root cause is still unknown (Reported by: PlaT)
  • Added: Event Help for new Conditionals/RAT Commands (Reported by: Njinir)
  • Added: On Connection Commands. Check the Remote tab. Basically perform the commands in the box, when RAT connects to the server. (Requested by: PlaT)
  • Fixed: SaveGamePath was not properly being read/displayed (Reported by: Goshawkdm)
  • Added: Currency System - You can now charge, or give players "currency" for doing actions within the game.
    See the Misc tab in RAT for a few bank settings (like enabling it!)

    This opens up a lot of possiblities if you get creative, examples:
    Giving new players X currency for joining your server the first time.
    Giving regular players X currency for joining the server once a day (just add a 24H cooldown)
    Giving currency for killing zombies and animals
    Taking currency for killing players (or even giving it!)

    Thes are just some of the ideas. All of these can be used with the RAT Conditional statments to prevent abuse, or put in specific checks
    like making sure the player has as specific level, Admin level, cooldowns, etc.
  • Added: New RAT Conditional: HASFUNDS
    HASFUNDS:{player_steamid},AMOUNT -- only passes if the player has AMOUNT currency in their bank account
  • Added: New RAT Event Commands:
    .BANKBALANCE:{player_steamid} -- sets new RAT variables (see below)
    .BANKMODIFY:{player_steamid},AMOUNT -- AMOUNT can be a negative to remove currency
    .BANKWITHDRAW:{player_steamid},AMOUNT -- AMOUNT is how much currency to convert to Duke tokens
  • Added: New RAT Event
    Player Killed Zombie (or animals)
  • Added: New RAT variables
    {bank_balance} - The players current balance
    {bank_max} - The maximum amount players are allowed to store in their bank.
    {bank_exchange_rate} - The exchange rate applied to a withdrawl of currency. aka, exchange rate of 10%, player removes 1000 currency, player gets 900 dukes.
    {bank_exchange_value} - The currency value the player gets, after the exchange rate is applied
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  • Added: Event command, CANCELSHUTDOWN. Will stop any RAT countdown timers in progress. (Requested by: mansellb55)
  • Fixed: dbNull exception could occur when listing scheduled restarts (Reported by: PlaT)
  • Added: RAT Conditional "ISFRIEND", to check if someone is a friend of someone, syntax is: ISFRIEND:<FirstFriend>,<FriendofFirstFriend>
  • Added: RAT Conditional "NOTISFRIEND", to check if someone is NOT a friend of someone, syntax is: NOTISFRIEND:<FirstFriend>,<FriendofFirstFriend>
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with Server config setting and checkboxes
  • Fixed: RAT would in some circumstances, not restart a server when it should
  • Added: RAT Support Discord link to the help menu
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This fixes an error when clicking the FAQ link from the help menu.


  • Fixed: Archive Inactive players and inactive days now correctly save their values to the database
  • Fixed: Startup Telnet Connection Delay now correctly saves to the database
  • Fixed: Server name not displaying in the RAT titlebar (Reported by: Njinir)
  • Changed: A LOT of interal refactoring, specifically on RAT Events and internal server objects
  • Removed: The majority of the "Save" buttons in RAT (See next message for more)
  • Added: Auto save feature, RAT will automatically save your settings unless otherwise noted (by existing Add/Save buttons) (Requested By: Allexio and pretty much everyone else)
  • Added: All events now have access to the Conditionals, so you can check ALEVEL, PLEVEL when a player joins the server, spawns, etc. (Requested by: Njinir)
  • Added: "Save" menu option, File -> Save, feel good option, does this automatically, but if you feel the need, click this as often as you'd like.
  • Added: Events are now automatically saved, no need to click the "Save Event" button, but you can if makes you feel better.
  • Added: GameName field now only accepts allowed characters to be entered. A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dot (.), underscore (_), dash (-) and space ( ) (Requested by: Allexio)
  • Changed: Increased block durability modifier maximum from 100% to 999% (Requested by: Noonegoes21)
  • Fixed: Adding a new event would sometimes not reenable the event editor text areas. (Reported by: mansellb55)
  • Fixed: Internal processes were being checked for a running server, even when the server was remotely hosted
  • Removed: Shutdown Messages from RAT Settings (Reported by: Quicken)
  • Removed: Shutdown Messages from manual shutdown window
  • Added: Tooltips on mouse overs on the shutdown window
  • Added: Two new Events, SERVER SHUTDOWN SECONDS and SERVER SHUTDOWN MINUTES. This means you can now customize these messages/events however you'd like.
    Example Shutdown Minutes Script:
    say "The server is restarting in {shutdown_minutes} minute(s)."
    .DSAY:The server is restarting in {shutdown_minutes} minute(s).

    Example Restart Script:
    say "The server is restarting"
    .DSAY:The 7D2D Server is restarting
  • Added: Server shutdown button to the "Remote" tab, stopping a remote server is possible, you just can't restart it with RAT.
  • Fixed: Crash when outputing current player data to a file, when using XML as the output format (Reported by: Njinir)
  • Fixed: Player inventory was not displaying (Reported by: Gareee)
  • Fixed: Gametime now updates every 10 seconds
  • Added: New RAT FAQ by Allexio, click Help -> RAT FAQ to view it. Special thanks to Allexio for taking the time to create this!
  • Fixed: Saving teleport locations now uses your current location, instead of where you were up to 60 seconds before...
  • Changed: Moved scheduled restarts to the primary tab list. Scheduled Restarts now work for both local and remote servers, although remote servers only stop on schedule, not restart (as they can't be remotely restarted by RAT)
  • Added: Color picker to event editor, click it, select a color, the color will be inserted into the Script section of events at the cursor location (Requested by: Instant)
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